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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Our Father's Day

Today is Father's day, and it has been the most exciting one in our little family since having children. Natalie is at an age where she is more able to participate and we can do fun family activities together.

Here is the man of the day in our house.

Seriously can't tell you enough how much this man means to me!

Natalie loves him too...

I'm grateful that Jonathan is an active participant in the lives of our daughters. It is gorgeous to see how much they love him. Thanks for being an amazing husband and father!

To all fathers and father-figures out there - Happy Father's Day!

Special love to my daddy, Grandpa, Uncle and most especially to the father of my children - you're irreplaceable! xoxo

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  1. Nice post Tracey. Great to have such a good dad for your girls. Pretty awesome dad I think.


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