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Thursday, 27 September 2012


Ode to My Friends

Some of you I have known for as long as I can remember
Others I have known for only a short while
Sometimes I find strength in the silent understanding between us
Knowing that you know my past, and understand where I've walked
And the things that make me me
Other times the blessing is that you are learning who I am now
Without the prejudice of who I have been
And yet at other times, you know my past but see how far I have come and can yet go
Believing the best and forgiving the rest
Helping me to be confident in who I am

Thank you for your friendship
Thank you for being there to help carry things that seemed too hard to bear
Thank you for celebrating my joys and successes
Thanks for knowing just what to say
Thanks for doing anything you can, even when I didn't want to ask
Thanks for being there at your own expense
Thanks for encouraging me to just be me
And for telling me that that is enough

Every day I thank God for friends like you!
You, my beautiful friends.


  1. I love this, very beautifully written!
    And thank you for your friendship!! It means a lot :)


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