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Friday, 31 January 2014

Letter to a kindy girl

Dear Natalie,

This week you started kindy. Already I can see that you are enjoying it.

You are learning important skills, like how to be attentive and follow instructions, as well as literacy and numeracy.

These skills are important, and I am glad that you can learn them - but I will miss things you say and do that I suppose you will grow out of soon... things like how everything that happened in the past happened, "last weeks" and how you say "demember" [remember] and "defore" [before].

My favourite thing about picking you up form kindy since Tuesday has been seeing you and Hayley run and give each other a great big hug. When we dropped you off that first day, Hayley was wanting you to come with us. You, on the other hand, were already having so much fun.

After picking you up on your first day of kindy, I really enjoyed playing 'chasey' and dancing with you, and Hayley.

I will miss you each day, but I am so excited for you and know it will be a wonderful time, in which you will learn and grow.

All my love,
Mummy <3