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Tuesday, 4 September 2012


There is something amazing about the way a child looks at the world. Everything fascinates them. Simple things bring them joy. They don't judge. They are honest and without guile. They want to help and be a part of things. They have no malice or ill intent in anything they do. They are willing to listen and learn.

I really think that these things are some of the reasons that we need to be like little children. They are truly incredible.

I have been attending different classes this year... mostly for my SACE but I've also been lucky enough to do a term long course about 'Circle of Security Parenting' and one this term about Learning Dispositions (habits of mind that will help our children be lifelong learners).

They have been fantastic in helping me to better understand my children. It really gives you a different - and better! -  way to look at your child's behaviour, even when that behaviour is challenging for you as the parent! I plan, to blog about some of the things I've learned in the near future.

In the meantime I thought I'd mention it and let you know that if you live in Adelaide and would be interested in attending either of these, they are running them again at the same place that I have been doing them (in Enfield).

Learning Dispositions will be running on Monday afternoons and Circle of Security will run on Tuesday mornings. There is a creche onsite and all the ladies who work there are fantastic with the kids! Annie who runs the courses is lovely too :D If you're interested please let me know and I'll give you more details - I really recommend both of these courses to anyone who spends a lot of time with children, but especially parents of young children!

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