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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Update, update, update!

The past month or so has been an interesting one with plenty going on around here...

Natalie had her eyes tested at the WCH last week and now has glasses. Having the glasses for a while may correct the issue, but there is also the possibility that she will need them for the rest of her life. Her having glasses isn't a big deal (at least to me) but it has been fun stressful getting her to keep them on, as she has to wear them whenever she is awake.

Hayley had a health review today, and they are concerned about her gross motor skills - she scored quite low on the scale, especially considering she scored well in all other areas and has been referred to see a physio. I don't know why, but I hadn't really worried about it until it came up a month ago - possibly because she is so tiny and doesn't look like she should be standing or crawling, etc. just yet. Buuuuuuut, we'll see what happens between now and when we see the physiotherapist in a month.

Other things that have been happening this month... HOORAY mummy's back! My mum moved back to Adelaide this month, as did my grandparents and it has been good to see them all and it will be nice to see them more once they have settled in.

I have also come to see how blessed I am with wonderful friends... some who I've known for ages, and some who I have met quite recently. That is a blog post for another time perhaps <3


  1. Yes it is nice to have your mum back. Glad to hear you have good support and services for your babies.

  2. That's cool you have your family back in Adelaide! Sounds like you've been pretty busy huh, love the life with kiddies, never a dull moment :)


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