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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Removing distractions

Recently I came to a realisation: I have so many things that I need to/want to/ can do with my time and I'm really not getting very far with many of them.

Obviously my highest priority is my family and home. I also have a church calling. I'm studying to complete my SACE. I'm taking music lessons and will be doing an exam in a few months, which I need to practise for. I'm trying to find the time to sew a quilt for Natalie. I want to blog and write more. There are other things I'd like to sew, and make, and bake, and do... there are people I want to spend time with. All of these are things I consider worthwhile and many of them I don't get to do enough of for my liking. There are also things less worthy of my time...

As you probably know, I recently removed my facebook profile. First of all I deactivated it, and then I was told that there actually is the option of completely deleting your facebook account, and so I went back on and did that. I had come to the realisation that it had become a distraction to the point where that negative (and a few others) outweighed the positives aspects of FB. I decided to test the theory that if I didn't have a FB account to look at when I felt like I didn't have enough energy and/or focus for anything much, that maybe I would find the energy instead. If not, I decided that even just sitting on the couch watching my girls play, or reading if they are in bed would be a better use of my time!

So that is one example of a distraction that I felt the need to eliminate. The time that has passed since I bit the bullet really has confirmed what I thought it would achieve - I have so much more focus. I spend less time wondering whether someone has replied to a message I wrote them and I don't get sidetracked by other things while I'm checking for those messages, because I just call them or text them and know that when they reply or call me back, I'll know...

So, inspire me - what are some of the distraction you've ditched recently?
I may just follow suit!

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