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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Preparing for baby

Well, yesterday and today have been a flurry of baby preparation activities. After feeling for so long like I had plenty of time to prepare, it dawned on me at some point earlier this week how much there actually was to organise in order to be ready... like we had all the essential things like clothes and car seat sorted, but we hadn't really gotten very far with moving the house around to accommodate our new addition.

Yesterday once I had gotten the girls to childcare and been to the chiro I did a huge grocery shop... lest we be caught off guard with the arrival of a baby just when our cupboards are starting to look bare and/or don't really feel like doing a full grocery shop right after baby is born. (Had that with Hayley - not something I thought of at the time!) Then I came home and just got as much as I could done before leaving to pick up my girlies again.

Today - with the much appreciated assistance of various family members - we continued preparing. There was a trip to Ikea for a new set of drawers for baby, a lot of sorting, throwing out, finding homes for things, and rearranging our house in order to fit the new addition in to his room... and generally just not come home from the hospital to chaos! Oh, I also got my hospital bag packed - win! Thank you so so much to those who came over to help today - it was definitely appreciated and I'd say we wouldn't have achieved that much without you!

Now it's mostly a matter of nervously but excitedly waiting on the baby and seeing how things pan out, while also spending as much time enjoying our family as we can manage before we open our hearts further to a new little joy.

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  1. I always love your blog and reading your thoughts. When I had my first child and was pregnant with No. 2 I thought how am I going to love this baby as much as I do my daughter. Funny how Heavenly Father helps our hearts to expand and allow our arms to encircle one more little one in our lives. Children are such awesome blessings. Can't wait to meet your new little man.


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