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Monday, 23 September 2013

One handsome and adored little man

Benjamin John Hutchings is 5 days old today.

Born Wednesday 18th of September 2013
Weight 2975gm (6 pounds 9 ounces)
Length 49 cm

Holding on to a wonderful daddy

After the c-section, they were finished and Jonathan walked with Benjamin to recovery before they took me out. After they'd gone ahead, one of the nurses there said to me how she walked in the room while Jonathan was holding Benjamin and that she loved the big smile on his face and how obviously proud he was of his little son. 

Yes dear boy, you have a pretty amazing daddy who loves you a whole lot!

Your sisters are pretty taken with you too. Every time they came to visit us in the hospital we had a chair either side of your cot and they would stand on it rubbing and patting your tummy or head. Then once they'd gotten to cuddle you it was all on! If Hayley didn't get to hold or at least see you as soon as she walked in the room she was pretty distressed. "Cuggle [cuddle] 'gain" was her little catch cry. Luckily Natalie was a little more patient, but she definitely wanted her chance too.
My girls getting to know their little brother
Yep, got all his toes
Natalie adoring her little brother - one of many cuddles to follow

Cuggle 'gain (cuddle again)
Not too keen on the bath
So many feeds in these first few days have been bleary eyed on both of our parts and at times it feels like it's killing me... but just watching your sweet little face and seeing your bright little eyes looking up at me from time to time is so worth it! If I wasn't afraid of falling asleep and dropping you I could hardly bear to put you down.

Love you baby,
From mummy.

It is good to be home again. The girls have both been very excited but have also been quite sensitive. Hayley especially will be quite beside herself about little things that she'd generally take in her stride. It's nice to be at home now and able to spend time with them and do things for them, and to reassure them that mummy isn't just all about the baby now! Given a bit of time, they'll hopefully start to feel secure about things again and despite the changes know that they're just as important now as ever. :)

There are so many people to thank who have helped Jonathan and I so much in the past few weeks of preparing for and having our little baby... people who have helped us sort out our house... have looked after our girls over the first few days of being in hospital, etc. ... people who have visited, given gifts, sent well-wishes, brought us dinner... Thank you all so much - you know who you are. xo

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  1. Your family is awesome ..... you have beautiful children. This post brought tears to my eyes.


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