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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Practical things I'd recommend for new mums.

Today I have been thinking about things I would recommend to other women who have just had, or are expecting a baby.

6 days ago I gave birth to a sweet baby boy. Totally worth it, but unavoidably painful. Every day has been a bit better, and today I am managing with just panadol... that is, after my trip to the chiropractor. Over the weekend I decided that half my aches and pains would be resolved if I saw the chiropractor, so I booked it in and have been there today. I was so right - I'm feeling pretty good without taking the additional pain killers I was given on discharge from hospital. So my first recommendation for someone who has just had a baby is that if you are experiencing back and/or neck pain, it is really worth the trip to the chiropractor... the downside to this is the cost if you don't have private health insurance, but something to think about nonetheless. I figure there's enough to deal with when you have a baby that eliminating a lot of pain is one less thing to worry about. And besides, you're important and deserve to look after yourself!

Another recommendation for mums is Hydrogel Disc Pads (which you can get from Coles) if you can and want to breastfeed. I suppose I don't have to go in to a great deal of explanation about that, but they definitely make things more comfortable while you and baby adjust to feeding.

There's a whole world of things out there that different mums feel they couldn't live without but today I think these are my top two!

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