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Friday, 7 December 2012

Photo update!

This is a picture of Natalie a few months ago before she got her glasses. You can see her right eye turning in quite a bit!
This is a cute one of Hayley. I'm not sure exactly when it was taken... possibly Father's day. She's a little grubby, but totally happy. <3
 The swing is her absolute favourite thing. Natalie kept wanting to push the swing for Hayley, which was a little dangerous for both of them so I had to take control of that one! Only little swings for Hayley. Love that little smile, and she's even waving :)
Another swing pic for Hayley, this one in Milang on Jonathan's birthday. This playground was at Lake Alexandria. It was windy there but we had a lot of fun.

Natalie loves painting. She has a tendency to use just one colour on each painting. Often she'll only have a small amount of paint on the page and she wants a new piece of paper. I guess she likes that white space daddy is always talking about as a designer. :-) She's totally gorgeous and I love that she loves creating.

My little artist.

Beautiful little lady.

 Natalie's gallery.

 Natalie loves taking pictures with the camera.

Self portraiture is a must :)

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  1. Your babies are so beautiful .... in one of those photos Hayley looks a lot like you when you were the same age. xoxo


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