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Friday, 10 August 2012

Defining me

'I've got to find out who I am... got to know, got to see what's making me... I'll be all I can when I find out who I am.'

When I was younger, I took the song quoted above quite literally - like maybe the girls had amnesia, was lost, and had to find out who she was. As I got older, I understood it in it's proper context - she's on a spiritual journey learning about how she existed before this life on earth, she has a loving Heavenly Father, there is a plan of salvation, and she is a daughter of God!

Lately, I've been thinking of it in a third context: what defines me? What makes me who I am? How do I define myself?

Usually I plod along and don't really give it a lot of thought I suppose, but I'm beginning to feel that it is really important. If that definition is too narrow, then when those things end you may end... or at least end up feeling really lost. Like if you define yourself by your job, then if you lose that job for whatever reason you could find it really hard to move on. On the other hand, if the definition is too broad.... well, you don't really get a definition do you.

Also, do I define myself or do I allow others' opinions of me to define how I see myself?

I am beginning to spend time thinking about how I currently define myself and trying to decide what I want the true definition of myself to be.

I know that some of those defining things include important relationships, my religious beliefs and values, as well as talents and other interests.

I'll be writing more about those in the future.

How do you define yourself?



  1. This is one of my favourite topics of conversation... I actually posted about it a few months back. I think it's so important that we know exactly who we are and what we are in every aspect of the sense. We're so lucky to be living in a day when women have their own identity- its empowering!! Love this post ad love that you are on this quest.

  2. Thanks Kelly. I may have read your post about it, it does sound familiar. I'll have to look again :) I definitely agree that we are blessed to live in this time! xo


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