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Saturday, 20 July 2013

How far?

So, I have officially reached a point where people are no longer afraid to ask about my pregnancy. When they do ask, it's no longer a timid, "Are you pregnant?" but rather a confident. "How far along are you?"

It's pretty fun, and it has been nice of late to also be able to notice more of my little baby's movements. Sometimes I can see my tummy moving and Jonathan definitely gets more of a chance to notice too... it used to be that whenever I'd tell him the baby was moving that he would stop and Jonathan missed out.

Two and a bit months and it won't be about when the baby is due any more :)

Loving life! xo


  1. Congrats. Had no idea you were expecting! Our bub is due Sep 23rd so I'm thinking they'll be close in age. x

    1. Thanks Mel. And congratulations to you too!!! Our baby is due the 30th, so yes - quite close in age!!! Hope everything is going well for your pregnancy, and that you and your family are well xo


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