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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A bit of mummy pride (update!)

A few weeks ago I bought Natalie some new winter pyjamas. They're flannelette ones with a button up shirt. She loves them. If they're clean, she's getting them on at bed time. And lately she's been wanting to put her pyjamas on all by herself.

She does pretty well: she gets the pants on, I might have to straighten the waist band but they're on, and she gets her arms in the top but was just getting stuck on those buttons! She would try for a while and then say, "I think it's too hard for me" (aww!) and she would get me to help. I would tell her that I know it's tricky but if she keeps trying she will be able to do it and then I'd show her really slowly how to get it through. Sometimes she would try another button before I did them all up.

Well, tonight she succeeded in getting the buttons done up and boy was she proud! I was proud too, but not just for her learning a new skill. I was so happy to see how willing she was to try again and again to do up those tricky little buttons. The happiness on her face when she realised she'd done it and when I told her how great it was that she'd kept on trying even though it was hard really made it worth the patience in letting her take her time when I sometimes felt like hurrying her along. I was so glad that I kept telling her that if she kept on trying she would be able to do it.

Love her!

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