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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Walk in the Light

Recently, I shared my thought with you about accepting that darkness exists, but that we don't have to live in it. Today I would like to write about my experience in trying to walk in light.

Life really is pretty sweet for me, and I am grateful for that - but as is the human experience there are also things in my life that bring a lot of stress. We wouldn't learn and grow without experiences like that, but I believe that everyone is also blessed with their share of light - IF they can recognise and move toward it... which is easier in some moments than it is in others.

I have come to recognise many things that bring me light and although I could never list all of them I wanted to share some things I do to walk in the light. Important things which I believe are achievable for everyone even if it varies slightly in your circumstances.

My kids usually wake up at the same time each day, so I aim to get up about 1/2 hour before them so that I can pray, read my scriptures or listen to a General Conference talk, and get myself ready for the day with no distractions or pressure. As well as the spiritual lift, it's nice when the kids wake up to be a little ahead and able to focus on them as opposed to me still being half asleep and leaving them to eat breakfast and/or play while I get organised for going out or whatever. When I'm able to do these things (especially scripture study) it helps me to be calmer throughout the day. The positive and non-stressed moments with my girls help me draw on the closeness we have to care for them with more patience in those less positive and stressful toddler moments. And these things are light.

Another thing I find brings light is that I am studying: I'm am working to complete my SACE as well as studying piano. I firmly believe that all knowledge is enlightening, not just spiritual knowledge. As an example - I would definitely say that my faith is what most significantly influences my values surrounding family life, but I have also benefited from the study that I have done recently in relation to child development. The things that I have learned about attachment have particularly helped me put in to context values I already had, and given me practical understanding of how I can better respond in situations that had previously left me feeling stressed-out and not knowing what to do. Gaining more knowledge and developing skills I have has brought much light!

Gratitude - I guess that's self-explanatory really. We don't have to wait for huge impact things to feel grateful though. Whether it be good health, the weather, small kindnesses from friends or strangers, having extra time for something enjoyable or being able to make someone else happy, we can all be grateful. And that can make the difference between a dark day and a light one.

If there's one thing that makes all the difference for me, it would have to be nurturing relationships; both with those here on earth and also with God the Father and His Son. If I can draw near to God in prayer and there are people that I feel close to - that I can support and who support me - then my life is light. One day over our anniversary weekend, Jonathan and I went window shopping and later I was talking to him about what my thoughts were. I told him that honestly there was nothing I saw that I really wanted and I knew that was because my heart was already full - with my family. The time I spend with my husband, daughters or all of us together and the things we do to nurture our relationships is really important, and the stuff ceases to matter.

I hope that you are enjoying light in your life, and that if things seem dark you can take the time to seek out things that will make it lighter again. <3

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