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Friday, 18 January 2013

INTRODUCING Friday Dance Party

It's Friday! Isn't that awesome?

So far today I have done the grocery shopping, come home and opened up all the windows to allow the refreshing breeze through the house, cleaned the bathroom, washed dishes, and I'm ready to sit down and rock the blog! My oldest is at childcare, and the little one is sleeping so the time is right.

I have decided that on Fridays I am going to blog with the title 'Friday Dance Party'! This is a celebration of all that is good and has made us dance during the week, literally or figuratively. The idea actually came about one week as I danced around to my own favourite music cleaning - and being grateful for a home to clean and a family to clean and work for. I NEVER thought I'd say this, but I actually have come to appreciate time spent doing housework. As a side note - Natalie loves dancing and keeps saying she wants to dance, and that she is a ballerina... I think I'll be enrolling her in a dance class soon! Anyway, these posts are really about gratitude, which to me is a joyful feeling that kind of makes me want to dance!

So, here is what has been going on at my house lately, (since it's my first blog of the year) and then the things that made me dance!

The past two weeks in our house have been a bit crazy. Last week Jonathan was home sick with a chest infection and although I love having him home,  I would obviously rather he didn't have to be sick. I must admit though that since he was sick I did enjoy taking care of him and working extra hard so he could put is feet up - is that crazy? (I think not) The girls and I have all been a little sick this week, but fortunately not so much as Jonathan. Last weekend we also rearranged the house quite significantly as well as creating a VERY large pile of things to give away / take to Good Will or the Salvos. I'm definitely loving the order that has come/is coming about due to that. 

Here are particular things that have been filling me with gratitude - that dance for joy kind of feeling:

  • The feeling of great wellbeing within myself. Not necessarily about physical health, but wellbeing nonetheless.
  • My beautiful family. Beautiful smiles and giggles that fill my home everyday.
  • Love at home.
  • Sweet cuddles with my baby girl for almost an hour one morning this week.
  • The laughter that filled my home when my bestie since forever visited, and our kids were having so much fun together.
  • The scriptures - this year I am aiming to read the entire standard works and my study has become quite meaningful and a source of strength to me.
So that is a concise list that could have a lot added to it, but they are the things that I thought of first and foremost. Please feel free to write a 'Friday Dance Party' post on your blog (link back with love), or just to comment with some of the things you've been grateful for this week!


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