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Thursday, 7 March 2013

To Natalie on your birthday eve

Dearest Natalie,

Tomorrow is your third birthday. That means that for three wonderful years I have had the privilege of being your mother.

I've had the privilege of watching you grow..
I've had the privilege of seeing you learn and develop
I've had the privilege of sometimes being the one to teach you the things you've learned.
I'm blessed to hear you call me mummy.
I'm blessed to have you come to me for help.
I'm blessed to hear you say, "I want to help you".
I'm grateful for the teaching opportunities these moments bring.
I love to hear you say, "I love you", whether it be to me, daddy, or Hayley.
I love your sweet little laughter.
I love that you're so affectionate and will come to me for a good cuddle when you need it.
You make me smile when you tell me that you want to do something "all by da myself".
You make me smile when you tell me that you want to do something (usually watch tv) "for a minute" with a cheeky little smile (that brings me so close to caving in every time).
Your beautiful smile can brightens the world and my heart.
I love your gentle words to Hayley when she is upset, reassuring her that "mummy is coming" or, "don't worry darling" or, "it's ok bubba".
I love your curiousity and the way you ask so many questions.
It's adorable the way you pretend to go to work (or the shops, or wherever) and say bye to everyone and give us kisses.
It's adorable that you pretend to talk on the phone, to your Aunties, or to daddy, or to Doctor Phil (our chiropractor!!!)
It almost breaks my heart when I take you to creche during my classes and you say, "I want you to stay with me" - you're my sweetie and I love every moment I spend with you too.
I'm so happy that you have fun after I've left anyway and that you learn so much and have gained so much confidence.

I love you, I love you, I love you. A million billion trillion times.

Always keep your bright spirit and unique personality. Don't let the world determine your worth by whatever happens to be popular as you grow. Never forget that your family love you forever and ever, no matter what, without a single condition.

<3 From Mummy

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