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Friday, 17 February 2012

Gratitude box

Toward the end of last year as part of our family home evening, Jonathan and I decorated a box. The purpose of it was that each day we would write on a small piece of paper someone, some thing or an event that we were grateful for that day. I thought I would share what we wrote. If they are repeated it means that both Jonathan and I wrote the same thing. They are in no particular order, just whichever one I grab I will list.

Neroli Sims; Sean and Davinia Speakman; the Gospel of Jesus Christ; Jonathan's support and enabling me to do things for me; Jonathan's support during my labor, after birth, and always; phone; furniture; Natalie loves her little sister; Relief Society; Karen McCann; forgiveness; Chalmers family; Hayley Grace Hutchings <3; 1st Presidency Christmas devotional; air conditioning; mission; time; home; Book of Mormon; Mum (Jeanette); the atonement; Comfort; Relief Society; Adam [Goodwin]; Jeanette; Humor; Nature; that Jonathan works so hard to serve our family, being especially thoughtful of how I'm feeling being pregnant; roads; food; love; Tracey; Chantelle; Natalie; software; dad (Russell); my wellbeing after birth; Benny Sorrell; the Wilson family; nerf; toys; dvds; memories; education; christmas hampers; mercy; a warm bed; promptings; home and its comforts; Kathryn; Hayley; magna; atonement; clocks; Russell; this pen [the one he was writing with]; computer; cameras; couches; help; Heavenly Father; Prospect ward; wedding ring; drinks;
blessings of tithing; Hayley; Holy Ghost; the Speakmans; tools; libraries; babysitters; cake and biscuit; direction; festiva; free seminar; Natalie; the Holy Ghost; The Plan of Salvation; Tracey's [relatively] 'easy' labor; midwives; Natalie's love; beds; Thomas; books; microwave; Julie Ogden; Sister Pressler; Ellalene; CDs; printer; time with family; wacom tablet; Natalie's laugh; talents; friends; fridge; post-its [Jonathan wrote his on post-its a lot]; testimony; fans; bishop; Hayley; Green Lantern; being able to do study next year; Rise of the Planet of the Apes; washing machines; christmas party; calling; mum (Madelene); Alina; Lisa Chalmers; music - the piano; stereo; hospital; photos; money; wood chisels; Kathryn and Alicia throwing me a baby shower; commandments; electricity; lights; TV; family; white goods; covenants; Living With Toddlers seminar; gas; the ability to love; I didn't have to be induced; Hayley's health; Jesus Christ; Jesus Christ; church; tool boxes

Whew, that took a while to get out. And of course it is by no means a comprehensive list of the events, people and things that we have to be grateful for... but these are the things that came up especially in the last part of 2011!


  1. Shame that we so often look at the negatives. When you write down the things that you have to be grateful for and look back it seems like a lot of things. We need to be grateful more often and sometimes reminded to be grateful.

  2. I'm I right in reading that you are grateful for gas?? he he. I hope you're talking about the kind used for cooking! A good idea to remember your blessings though Tracey!


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