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Thursday, 29 August 2013

All For You

I had a little laugh to myself one night realising that I'd forgotten how difficult it can be to move during this stage of pregnancy. It's funny how you forget these things... or at least the extent of them. But also amazing that we women keep doing it, because it's really all worth it in the end. I think to myself, "it's all for you, baby!" The aches and pains and uncomfortableness are all worth it.

That train of thought keeps me smiling through many things lately. Walking between the car and the hospital for Natalie's eye appointment in the pouring rain while Hayley was quite comfortable under the rain cover in the pram and I was getting the wettest because I gave up trying to keep myself dry and just held the umbrella over where Natalie was walking. (Natalie hasn't quite mastered how she could walk comfortably beside me with us both under the umbrella, lol). I just (try to) think to myself, "It's all for you, dear daughter"

Our family have all taken turns lately of being sick and on the weekend just past Jonathan was completely out of it. :( Somehow though the unusual amount of work and the things I could do to take care of him just filled me with joy at having the opportunity to show love to my family. It was a joy to do because it was for the husband I love - although I would never wish for him to be sick like that: Jonathan also returned all of that care when I had my turn of being sick - then I really got to empathise with him ;P

Sometimes I find it easy to enjoy running a house... it really is satisfying! But on the days when it feels monotonous I try to remember who it's all for and it seems to make it a little easier to do the things I need to do. I have often thought that you don't realise what life is really about until you're living your life for someone else... and lately that seems to be ringing true again!

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