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Sunday, 18 November 2012


Here is a snapshot for what's going on with my littlies

So, cutest game that Natalie played with her daddy today: she would take him by the hand and say, "come on daddy, come on", lead him down the hall way and then start running back to the lounge room for him to chase her. Daddy would come roaring down the passage and she would squeal with excitement all the way to the farthest corner of the lounge room she could get to. Then she would take him by the hand again with, "come on daddy, come on" and the game started all over again! It's so cute seeing her initiate these little games and I was so happy to see Jonathan do it again and again, waiting for Natalie to tire of it before he stopped playing with her. He's such a good dad, and both of our girls light up when he enters the room...

Poor little Hayley hasn't been well the last few days, and although she was much better today she was still quite tired and didn't seem to know what she wanted at all. I think part of her frustration today was from not being able to move around as quickly and confidently as she'd like. She's only really just starting to crawl, and at this stage it is still a rather slow crawl, but it is lovely to see her and watch as she has a goal of reaching a particular thing and then works toward it. During Sunday School today, she was sitting on the floor and saw something that she wanted, went and got it, and then came and brought it to me - cuteness!

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