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Monday, 12 November 2012

A good weekend

We had a busy, but wonderful weekend this weekend.

It was Jonathan's birthday on Saturday and when we had talked about what he wanted to do for his birthday, he said he wanted to have an adventure... so at the last minute I asked him if he could leave work early on Friday, I picked him up at 4pm and we spent Friday night in Avoca Dell Caravan Park in Murray Bridge - right on the murray river!

We would have liked to spend a bit of time sitting by the murray before we put the girls to bed, but they were both pretty tired (didn't sleep in the car as I had hoped) so we put them to bed and watched a movie before going to sleep ourselves.

In the morning we gave Jonathan his presents - Natalie enjoyed wrapping and hiding daddy's presents with me earlier in the week and was excited to tell him 'happy birthday person daddy." (She always adds 'person' when she is saying happy birthday to anyone. I don't know why but it's cute.)

After we had packed up the car, we did a little walk down by the Murray and after a detour in to town to load up with food for the roadtrip we drove to Milang for a picnic lunch and to see Lake Alexandria. It was really windy there as you might expect, but we quite enjoyed it ... with the possible exception of Hayley who didn't seem to be too thrilled by all that wind. Natalie was quite fascinated with the water (as she was by the Murray River) and we had to keep pulling her back from the edge.

After that we went to Strathalbyn and spent some time wandering through a park Jonathan had discovered there once when he was carpet cleaning. There was a river there too (more dragging our daughter away from the water's edge). Natalie loved to see and talk about the ducks and seagulls. We even saw a little family of ducks - the babies are so cute!

The kids both slept pretty much the whole ride from Strathalbyn to home, which was pretty well needed! Jonathan spent some time playing with the Hayley while Natalie helped me ice daddy's birthday cake and make homemade pizza for dinner.

Jonathan seemed to enjoy his day, so I label the day a success!

It was pretty cute on Sunday night - evidently Natalie was reliving the weekend and said something like, "we pick daddy up work, happy birthday daddy person, daddy birthday present, daddy birthday cake, chocolate cake". I love how Natalie is learning so much! It's really sweet. It puts all the more difficult aspects of having a toddler in the house in perspective for me. She really is a beautiful loving girl. When we got home from church I jumped out of the car to open the garage door and Jonathan tells me Natalie said, "my love my mummy. Mummy beaut-oo" ooooooo heart melt!

I love my little family <3

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