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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Happy Days in May 15-20

Ya'll know what it's about! ... and if you don't may I recommend looking back on my previous posts? :P

15 - Today I decided to change my plans and stay home, which took a load of stress off and allowed me to spend more time with my precious girls :)

16 - Today is our 3rd wedding anniversary and the girls and I spent the day with my cousin while Jonathan was working, then my Aunty came around too and babysat while we went out to celebrate the most amazing 3 years of our lives!

17 - Today I had lunch with two wonderful friends who I've had the pleasure of serving with in Relief Society for over a year and Hayley even had a little nap while we were there which is unusual for her when we go out!

18 - Today I had a music lesson which is always a good part of my week and in the evening Jonathan and I had a date (continuing our anniversary celebrations) that included ten pin bowling and a banana split at Cold Rock!

19 - This morning I went on a walk around the block that took about an hour while I talked to Natalie about all the things we saw and had Hayley in the hugabub and in the evening I went to help one of my dear friends celebrate her birthday!

20 - The sabbath is always one of my favourite days and today was no exception with wonderful speakers and teachers in both Sunday School and Relief Society, plus sitting on the couch with Jonathan and eating cadbury icecream while the girls (supposedly) slept.

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