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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Reflections on Mother's Day

This morning I woke up, and after lying for a few moments I remembered that it is mother's day. I smiled. What a glorious day to celebrate mothers and to celebrate the little people that make me a mother.

I am so grateful for my own mother. I'm grateful that she pressed on in the face of life's challenges to raise her four children, and for all that she taught me along the way. I appreciate more each day the time that she spent with me at what seems like endless medical appointments, and when my heart was broken over one thing or another, and when there were things to celebrate. I realise more and more the love that goes in to changing, bathing, feeding, driving kids places and all the other things your children will inevitably ask of their mother. 

Thank you mum.

I'm likewise grateful for my mother-in-law who raised four children (each of whom are fantastic) while facing challenges of her own. She is an amazing person in her own right and I know my husband wouldn't be the man that he is without her.

Thank you mum.

There are many, many other mothers and women who I admire, but I especially want to mention our grandmothers, each of whom are women worthy of admiration. I really want to be like my grandma. 

It's strange to truly contemplate the role that I have in the lives of my children, but I am certainly grateful that I have it. I love the little people that they are, the joy they bring, and all that I know they can become.

I love my husband and I'm profoundly grateful for all that he has done and does to enable me to be the best mother I can be.

It amazes me that Heavenly Father has entrusted two of his beautiful daughters to me as their mother, with another child on the way.

Happy Mother's Day.

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