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Friday, 12 April 2013

A crazy week, and the things my kids have taught me.

This week has been all over the place! It's had stressful days, perfect days, bittersweet moments and reminding myself to enjoy the sweet stuff moments.

Wednesday ended up being a crazy, stressful motherhood day involving a trip to the shops with the girls (never again without another adult) that involved being there for an hour but only managing to pickup a handful of things because I spent so much time chasing Natalie or taking her to the toilet... it's not so easy to keep up with her when you can't just abandon the trolley to grab her - my other precious girl was sitting in it! It also involved a serious conversation about staying close to mummy because I didn't want anyone to take her away. She had a pretty good think about that.

The next day however was one of those perfect, just-how-I-imagined-motherhood-would-be kind of days. The kids played nicely together in the morning while I got a few things done, we walked to the playground down the street, came home for Hayley's nap, and had plenty of time and energy to cook dinner. Once Jonathan was home, there was even enough time before choir practice to take Natalie to the shops to get her glasses straightened and a few other things she needed. (Still don't think she's grasping the stay-with-mummy thing, but at least I could keep up with her easily.)

This week has also had lots of those bittersweet, 'my children are growing up' moments... Hayley doesn't really bother crawling anymore, Natalie is developing heaps with her speech and they both seem to have lots more confidence and are developing their sweet little personalities.

I've had moments this week where I'd kind of sigh about things like a littl'un who would cry unless I was holding her or how you sometimes have to answer the same question or sing the same song or read the same book 100 times before the kids are happy to move on. In one such moment I was reminded that this stage will pass and I know that in years to come... I will truly miss the sweet little hands pulling at my pant-leg to be picked up and the innocent questions that they ask, and the enthusiasm kids have for everything and how they remind you to just enjoy.

I love that my kids teach me to stop, and look, and wonder about things.

I love that they remind me to always put my whole heart in to everything I do.

I love that they don't care about the things that aren't important; they just want to be with you.

I love that they love to help.

I love that they help me remember to sometimes just forget about that pesky to-do list... and just watch their play, or join in it, or just cuddle, and especially to remind them that I love them - just because, and to tell them the things about them that make me so lucky to be their mum.

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