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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Blogging about nothing

So, I'm feeling really uninspired about what to post lately, but I do want to keep up the habit of blogging so here come some random thoughts that may or may not interest you.

Hayley is on the verge.... of crawling! My little baby has grown so much in the past few weeks (although, she's still tiny). She's so cute. She pivots on her tummy and rocks on all fours - it's only a matter of time before she's off... and I'm after her babyproofing our house again to accommodate for her cleverness :P She's such a happy little soul, and is usually very patient with me when she needs something and I'm busy getting Natalie settled so that she'll (hopefully) be happy for long enough that I can take care of Hayley uninterrupted. Hayley learning to crawl will probably help with that I guess since she'll be able to entertain herself a bit more... or follow me around hoping her persistence will hurry me along :)

Natalie is also a beautiful young girl who brings a whole lot of joy in to our home. There are also a lot of challenges of course (she is two!) but hopefully I can look back in years to come and remember it as a terrific age and not a terrible one. She's definitely coming forward in leaps and bounds with her speech lately. She can copy most anything you say, (although she does say things like pita-allen when she means piano... ??) and judging by the things she says without prompting she understands a lot - often more than I would have expected! She is a very helpful Little Miss. At times I find this difficult, such as when I want to get things done that bit quicker or when I feel I'd just like my space, but generally I try to treasure the time we spend doing things together. She is beginning to understand that there are some things mummy will do, and then she will get a turn - if we're baking, I'll measure out ingredients, then she gets to tip them in to the bowl - and so she is fairly patient with the process.

Jonathan has had some changes in his work situation that are making work a much more pleasant experience. I'm happy for him! He deserves it, because he's simply fabulous :) If I say any more about my Dear One, it could become a whole new blog post :P

And me? I'm trying to be better at living in the moment - to worry less about things that have happened and to spend less time being anxious about what may (or may not) happen in the future... and instead just embrace what is happening now and to stop waiting for things to be perfect before I relax and enjoy the bounty that is around me. (I've read a few articles on the topic recently, including a blog post by my sister that inspired me.)

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