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Friday, 27 April 2012

Being Kind to You!

In my last blog I wrote about how we need to judge each other less, be more understanding, and realise that we don't always understand the reasons why people do the things they do... You can read about it here

Today I want to talk about the fact that we should apply this kindness to ourselves. I will be brief and to the point.

Sometimes we are hard on ourselves and spend a lot time worrying about the things are failing at... we feel like we are the only ones who don't manage; whether it be in managing your child/ren's behaviour, keeping house, or getting time do do YOU things. Unless I am the only one, we too often fail to take in to consideration that we are in different circumstances to the person we are judging ourselves by... one example for me is that sometimes I feel guilty that it is often my friends who call me for a catch up, and I don't often seem to manage to call them before they call me. This is not because I don't want to see them but, as one such friend pointed out, simply because my hands are tied (figuratively) by the nature of being a mum. So I needn't tell myself that I'm not a good friend, that's just my circumstance right now. In years to come when all my children are in school and they have young kiddies at home, perhaps the tides will turn :)

Also, don't judge your worst day by someone else's best day, ok? :D

Be kind to you.

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